Welcome to Happisburgh

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Happisburgh is a historic village on the north-east coast of Norfolk. Pronounced "Haze-bruh", and spelt 'Hapesburg' in the Domesday Book, the name means 'Haep's Town'. Despite much publicity about Happisburgh and coastal erosion, the village has an exciting long term future.

Settlement at prehistoric HappisburghHappisburgh - first known settlement in northern Europe

Recent excavations on Happisburgh beach  by a team of scientists and archaeologists have revealed that ancient humans lived in Britain more than 800,000 years ago on the bank of what was then the river Thames, making them the earliest northern Europeans. Read more ...

Happisburgh Community Car Park

Thanks to the North Norfolk Pathfinder Project, Happisburgh has an award winning Car Park with toilets, access to the lighthouse and village and to the beach via an earth ramp.

Read more ...

Happisburgh LighthouseLighthouse Open Days

Visit the oldest working light on the Norfolk Coast and the only independently operated lighthouse in the UK.

The lighthouse is open to the public on occasional Sundays and Bank Holidays throughout the summer. Private visits can also be arranged throughout the year for individuals or groups. Read more ...

Happisburgh ChurchChurch Tower Openings

People who wish to climb the 133 steps can enjoy the spectacular views of the coast and surrounding countryside. On a clear day you can see 30 churches, 2 lighthouses, 7 water towers, 5 corn mills, 5 drainage mills, 2 wind farms, Trimingham golf ball (RAF radar installation), Bacton gas terminal, reefs at Sea Palling and the Cathedral spire in Norwich (approx. 16.5 miles away). Read more ...

Coastal Erosion at Happisburgh

Happisburgh's sandy cliffs have been eroding since the Ice Age but man-made sea defences installed after the 1953 floods slowed the rate of erosion but have been failing since the 1980's. CCAG has campaigned since 1998 for social justice for those affected by changes in government policy on coastal defence.

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