Tweeting the end of Beach Road

During April and May 2012 as part of the North Norfolk Pathfinder Project, a series of buildings were demolished along the end of Beach Road, Happisburgh to create an 'erosion buffer zone'.

@jaydublu posted regular updates of progress to Twitter and Facebook using pictures from the webcam mounted on the lighthouse, and other pictures taken in the area.

11 Apr - @jaydublu: Machinery arriving at ‪#Happisburgh‬ ready for the official start of demolition on Beach Road @EDP24 …


11 Apr - @jaydublu: TV have turned up at ‪#Happisburgh‬ - I think this counts as 'good publicity' as it's a fresh start.

11 Apr - @jaydublu: All gone so quickly ‪#Happisburgh‬

11 Apr - @jaydublu: @nthnorfolknews Emotion indeed. ‪#Happisburgh‬

11 Apr - @jaydublu: @nthnorfolknews Quite a crowd gathered to watch - plenty of journos including your own @stevedownes1973 ‪#Happisburgh‬

11 Apr - @jaydublu: @nthnorfolknews Last one of ‪#Happisburgh‬ for now

11 Apr - @jaydublu: More pictures from #Happisburgh - video is being uploaded now

11 Apr - @jaydublu: Video shot this afternoon at #Happisburgh

17 Apr - @jaydublu: #Happisburgh lifeboat shed is gone, the coastguard building roofless

17 Apr - @jaydublu: Creation of an erosion 'buffer zone' at #Happisburgh progresses - the lifeboat and coastguard buildings are now gone

19 Apr - @jaydublu: Another property on Beach Road in #Happisburgh has just come down as part of the 'buffer zone' clearance.

26 Apr - @jaydublu: Another bungalow has just come down in #Happisburgh - the terrace will start to be demolished on Monday, apparently.

27 Apr - @jaydublu: Tiles coming off the terrace at #Happisburgh - main demolition due to start on Monday


30 Apr - @jaydublu: All set to shoot some timelapse at #Happisburgh, now just need some action.

30 Apr - @jaydublu: Birds nest stops demolition at #Happisburgh. Paperwork didn't come so no action until tomorrow earliest. Rats!

30 Apr - @jaydublu: #Happisburgh tearooms in happier times - April 2005

30 Apr - @jaydublu: So sad to see #Happisburgh tearooms in this state. This landmark will be a great loss.

1 May - @jaydublu: Not a nice day at #Happisburgh, and the terrace has started to come down. Unsurprisingly, I'm not trying the timelapse.

1 May - @jaydublu: Ooops - that's done it! #Happisburgh

1 May - @jaydublu: Demolition at #Happisburgh continues

1 May - @jaydublu: Oh my! #Happisburgh

2 May - @jaydublu: Latest view from #Happisburgh

2 May - @jaydublu: Past half way at #Happisburgh

3 May - @jaydublu: The terrace on Beach Road at #Happisburgh is now unrecognisable

4 May - @jaydublu: A pile of rubble at #Happisburgh

10 May - @jaydublu: The final bit of the terrace at #Happisburgh has just come down . Just one bungalow left to demolish.

16 May - @jaydublu: Can't quite see from this angle but it looks like the last bungalow at #Happisburgh is coming down

23 May - @EEGreenandSon: Last few days in #Happisburgh this week - and what a lovely place to spend such sunny days! Check us out on the webcam!

8 June - @jaydublu: Once, a terrace of houses and wonderful guest house / tearooms sat here at #Happisburgh

8 June - Before and after the demolition at #Happisburgh

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