Wenn Evans Centre

200 sq. yard Hall available for hire for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or events. Full
kitchen, toilets, car parking and coach parking available.

Postcode for satnav NR12 0QT

Chairs and tables included in the hire, Please contact Carol Palfrey 01692  650442


Schools and colleges

Schools, are you planning a visit to Happisburgh? As an important geographical site, you may be planning a field trip to study the coastal erosion, archeological sites or geological structures. The Wenn Evans Centre is ideal for hire as an on-site classroom. You can park your school bus / coach in the car park and take the short, 200 yard walk to the beach / cliff edge to pursue your studies.

The Wenn Evans Centre has full catering facilities and could also be used as a canteen for your field trip.

For more information, contact Carol Palfrey on 01692  650442